Welcome to R Street Shelter

The R Street Shelter is built to EDUCATE, EMPOWER & SAVE LIVES!

What is the R Street Shelter?

A 21st century adoption experience. It’s not just about adopting a new family member, it’s bigger than that, way bigger. It’s about bringing  creativity, artistry, curiosity, imagination, innovation and personal expression to life saving.

We live, eat and breathe to make a difference for animals in our community.

We host radically fun parties. Why? So, we can activate the community and raise much needed funds for collaboration with local shelters and rescue organizations.

How do we do this? With your help, that’s how.

Now you can adopt and shop, have fun and save lives. You can make a big difference and look good while you’re doing it. The vision is clear and we will see you 2/2/2020.

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The R Street Shelter was established as a 501c3 under the auspices of The People of Sacramento, a nonprofit charitable organization in Sacramento, California. Our goal is to encourage and showcase the beauty of adopting a shelter or rescue pet by providing an elite retail space designed to give the adopter an exclusive adoption experience. The R Street Shelter hosts community fundraising events to support area animal shelter and rescue organizations that so badly need support and funding. Ultimately, we intend to build a coalition of lifesaving that will unite our community to ensure that optimal lifesaving is possible for everyone.

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